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  1. Топик для скриншотов

    I haven't worked with Sonic 1: Emerald for a long time, so decided to focus a little more in this hack, and pause with S3&K: Pro Survivor, for now. Here's a new video showing Tropical Lake Act 3 layout: I also added new chunks on foreground. I am planning yet to work with a new BG for this stage. Comments always welcome.
  2. hello dude. do you remember me?

    1. Mr. Cat

      Mr. Cat

      T.N. тоже не изменился :3

  3. Sonic 3 & knuckles Pro Survivor 5.0

    Well, I think it's a time to a new (Second Demo) release! For who still remember about the last contest: In the last year, I wasn't very happy with the state of the hack, so this one I decided to give it a better effort and polish everything with my best effort (with new content, of course)! Unfortunately, it's still just a demo and not a full version. So the 5 only levels available are: Angel Island Zone, Hydrocity Zone Act 1, Ice Cap Zone, Flying Battery Zone and Sandopolis Zone Act 1 (unfortunately too, AIZ and ICZ2 isn't ready yet for Knuckles, so I hope you understand). Also, it has a new Main Menu and a New Time Attack mode (up to you unlock), and in the future will have more features. I am really happy to release this second demo release.. I hope y'all enjoy this hack; I have really working hard on this one. Some Images Media / Preview Download http://nfb.sonicgame...o%20Surivor.bin Here's the SHC entry: http://shc.sonicresearch.org/entry/68 Credits Hack Author, Layout and Level Design:NeoFusionBox Art: BakayoteAsuharaMoon Coding: Electroball TheBlad768 Jdpense NeoFusionBox Music (SMPS Ports): NeoFusionBox S_T_D Cinossu Crash Ivan Yo TheBlad768 Eduardo Knuckles - MIDIs porting Beta Testers: SonicVaan TheBlad768 Electroball Shockwave Bakayote KingoFHarts JoenickROS EditChris Hcktrox Eduardo Knuckles Painto Maniak Test on Real Hardware: Ralakimus Bakayote Special Stage Layout: Painto maniak Other Credits: Flamewing - Flamewing Sounddrive / Error Code Generator Stealth - SonED2 / Sonic 3 & Knuckles Disassembly MainMemory - SonLVL ValleyBell - SMPS2ASM / MID2SMPS / SMPS Research Pack And for who all did others programs for hacking... Special Thanks: TheBlad768 Electroball - Porting original ROM into Disassembly Shockwave Bakayote SonicVaan DiscoTheBat Thanks for all support and the big help with fixes or something else for the hack! Some Notes Sting Chameleon SMPS isn't looped yet in this build and there was supposed to demo finish in Sandopolis Zone, but there has a mistake, and it finish in Flying Battery though, you still can play this in Time Attack mode. I'm sorry about that. Also, this build still have some bugs that I didn't had time to notice and fix in the time, so, I may already knew about some bug reported here (but you still can report it in thread). I would release some revision soon. I hope you have fun with this hack and remember, critiques, feedback and reports are always welcome. Have a good game!
  4. Топик для скриншотов

    Vlad, that looks really, really, something nice coming out! "Coming soon" etc~ Oh and:
  5. .Where I can post a topic to show my SMPS ports?

    1. crystallize



    2. NeoFusionBox


      Well, I was talking about post a topic, but this help me too, thanks.

    3. VladislavSavvateev


      I guess, it can be in Хакинг и ваши фанигры.

  6. Топик для скриншотов

    Pasted from SSRG. I can post the New Neo Green Port here if someone want. Just link me a decent topic to that. Thanks.
  7. Yes, i think very good.

  8. Пей вкусный чай, он так утоляет жажду ты чувстуешь себя человеком!

    1. NeoFusionBox
    2. WinUser


      Why you don't drink the delicious tea?

  9. Топик для скриншотов

    Not, bad, but I think MZ's cloud and SYZ's palette needs more work, I'd say. Trough, that's nice! Thanks man, it will much more readable: Flare from Retro, suggested to me do something like image above, so I made it. So, I think I finally done this.
  10. Топик для скриншотов

    But isn't compared with this: A new "transparent" effect for level select looks better. Also, thanks to AsuharaMoon for the amazing logo!
  11. Топик для скриншотов

    Thanks, VladislavSavvateev. Why I can't edit my post after hour(s)/ one day? BTW... I improved a bit the text color palette: Isn't a update yet, but it's just for feels better.
  12. Топик для скриншотов

    Something: (Yeah, yeah, I have few things to fix, but at moment I have at least this to show). Thanks to Theblad768 for the help.
  13. Sonic 3 & knuckles Pro Survivor 5.0

    Triple post. Here, a little update on my AIZ1 layout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVOMlGF5mAk AIZ1 is ass for make chunks fits. :P
  14. Топик для скриншотов

    Ah, sorry for flood. I really did not know how I did this. Again, sorry. P.S: maybe because i'm wrote so fast in my Notebook. :\
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